July 1st, 2016: Solo Exhibit at the Alaska House Art Gallery

I have the opportunity to once again show at the Alaska House Art Gallery in Fairbanks this coming July. The gallerist and owner, Yolande Fejes, has been very supportive of my career over the years; a rare thing these days when often all that gallery owners do is provide wall space for artists and take 50% commission. Yolande knows who I am as an artist and helps buyers to understand where any given piece fits into my entire body of work. She helps them understand the story behind the work so that a buyer understands they’re not buying a thing, but a narrative…an experience.

Anyhoo, you’ll probably see a few images appear here as I get ready over the next few months! ┬áKeep an eye out on Instagram and Facebook as well.

Photo by Gael Murakami, The Alaska House Art Gallery