An Interview with Theresa Bakker

Theresa Bakker was kind enough to take the time to interview me for my recent exhibit in the UA Museum of the North. The following is excerpted from their blog and you can read the rest of the interview there.

“Is there a theme to the artworks that you selected for this show? 
So many artists have made powerful political statements regarding women’s work, and I don’t feel I need to repeat those statements. But by the same token, in rejecting that emphasis, I might ALSO be guilty of rejecting women’s work as irrelevant. The traditions I allude to in my work are more meaningful than the generic label of women’s work: the reuse of old materials, mending the broken, using patterns to bind a community through the use of shared imagery, and constructing objects that carry the memories of a family or individual.”

Museum of the North Cafe Gallery

From April-July 2018, a selection of my recent work will be on display in the University of Alaska Museum of the North cafe gallery. The Museum recently announced this exhibit: “Madara Mason is an eclectic artist. Her work combines paper, beads, found objects, dressmaking patterns, grant rejections, prescription labels, block prints, magazine and book cutouts, and traditional media like acrylic paint and ink. Born and raised in the South, Madara moved to Alaska in 1994 and began painting the animals and plants she found in her backyard.”

From the Newsminer

Fairbanks artist ‘searches for time’ in busy schedule Dorothy Chomicz Jul 31, 2017  (2)  Eric Engman/News-Miner Photos FAIRBANKS — With two kids, a husband and a full-time job teaching at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Madara...

Upcoming Solo Show

July 1st, 2016: Solo Exhibit at the Alaska House Art Gallery I have the opportunity to once again show at the Alaska House Art Gallery in Fairbanks this coming July. The gallerist and owner, Yolande Fejes, has been very supportive of my career over the years; a rare...

The Anxiety-Producing Artist Statement

I've always had a bit of a problem writing artist's statements. Words elude me when I try to talk about why I paint or what I'm trying to accomplish because if I had words for it, I would be more of a writer and less of a painter. Painting is a language unto itself....

A Conversation with Myself About “Making It”

The reality is that no matter how hard you work or how talented you are, you might not ever become a self-supporting artist. You might toil in relative obscurity for all of it. It’s possible that no doors will ever really open very far, that the fates won’t choose...

An Exciting Project!

  I'm incredibly excited to begin work on a children's book, Midnight Mammoth, by author Maria Reeves. She contacted me a few months ago with an idea for a children's book. I've been approached by writers before about collaborating on children's books, but none...

Website update

I'm in the process of revising my site yet again! It's a challenge trying to all these ducks in a row. I spend more time working on my art that my website...

“The worlds of two artists converge at Well Street Art Co.”

FAIRBANKS – Local artists Mary Matthews and Madara Hill are kicking off the new year with a two-fold exhibition that Well Street Art Company owner David Mollett said is sure to be a likable show for all ages.

While both women are different in terms of their style and mediums of choice, both seem to tell stories with their work in ways that invite viewers to follow along rather than simply stare at the pieces from a distance.