From April-July 2018, a selection of my recent work will be on display in the University of Alaska Museum of the North cafe gallery.


 The following was excerpted rom the University of Alaska Museum of the North website.

“Madara Mason is an eclectic artist. Her work combines paper, beads, found objects, dressmaking patterns, grant rejections, prescription labels, block prints, magazine and book cutouts, and traditional media like acrylic paint and ink. Born and raised in the South, Madara moved to Alaska in 1994 and began painting the animals and plants she found in her backyard. Mason has been a speaker at Comicon and her work has been featured on book covers and movie sets, and in many collections, including that of the UA Museum of the North. Her pieces can be seen on the UAF campus, in public spaces across the state, and in the homes of collectors all over the world. She teaches 2D digital design and a professional practices course for the UAF Art Department.

Mason said her mixed media pieces reference the theme of identity. They reflect her environment and women’s work, among others. “It’s not an obvious or overt theme, but the handicraft traditions I inherited from the women in my family are all there: quilt making, beading, china painting, dressmaking, flower arranging, and decoupage. Each of these pieces is meant to reveal themselves fully over time. They’re pretty packed with minutiae that I’ve woven together according to a personal narrative, but I think a story will emerge for anyone who looks at the pieces long enough.”

Read more about the artist’s inspiration and ideas behind the exhbiit on our blog.

ABOVE: From “The Substance I am Made Of” by Madara Mason

This presentation is part of a rotating schedule of exhibits featuring UAF adjunct artists.”