Painting Night, Cocktails and Canvas, Painting Party, Happy Little Trees…

They go by many names, but getting together with friends to paint something and enjoy drinks or snacks or other things is a good way to spend an afternoon or an evening. I love the idea of showing up to your event with all the materials to facilitate making art. If you’re interested in doing this for a bachelorette party, a team-building activity, a birthday, or just for fun, let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll make it happen!

Do you do workshops or parties? Or lessons? What is this?

Think of them more as “parties” where you learn how to make something. I’m more interested in helping people have fun while being creative than I am in turning people in to fancy artists. Although, if you’re already a fancy artist, I’m interested in helping you find new challenges and creative pathways that you may not have considered.

If you want a drink while you’re at it, I’m supportive and may have a glass with you as long as it’s legal and everyone has a safe way home! Depending on the venue, the price of drinks and snacks may be included in the per-person cost.

What exactly do we get?

You get 2 hours of painting instruction (from very basic steps to free-from exploration) and I bring the paint, canvases, paint palettes, brushes, mediums and varnishes, easels, and aprons. I will arrange for drinks and food if the event is in a restaurant or bar. You walk away with a painting that you made on your own while having fun with your friends.

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