Online courses

The courses below may not be offered currently. Please contact me with any questions.  

Art F488: Professional Practices for Visual Artists

This class provides practical information for emerging artists and prepares them to behave and identify as professional artists. Topics include documenting work, creating websites, writing about the students’ own artwork, methods for installing art exhibits, marketing, writing grant applications, and preparing for life outside the classroom. Local field trips are required.

Art F161: 2D Digital Design

This course provides an introduction to basic design principles and digital skills necessary to move forward in making art. You will learn fundamental vocabulary and practical applications through readings, videos, curation, discussion, and numerous digital and analog exercises.

By exploring designers and artists of the past and present, you will learn methods of successful visual design. You will expand your ability to not only recognize artistic and digital concepts, but your ability to use up-to-date digital techniques and discuss them with a cohort of your peers.

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