I’m incredibly excited to begin work on a children’s book, Midnight Mammoth, by author Maria Reeves. She contacted me a few months ago with an idea for a children’s book. I’ve been approached by writers before about collaborating on children’s books, but none of them had enough of the right pieces in place until I heard from Maria. Her story is lovely and it’s set in an arctic climate featuring the kinds of animals I often work with in my own art. We’ve been discussing the details and the book is slated to come out in December of this year and has acquired distribution by Aftershocks Media (I didn’t realize distribution was so important until recently!).

Maria recently posted the news to her Facebook page and we were both really excited to see a warm and very large reception for the idea. Enough folks requested pre-orders that Maria put up a website to handle the requests; the hardcover book can be ordered for $24.99. She also added a page regarding the purchase of original artwork. 9 of the original paintings will be sold after publication and you can buy them now for $500… repeat: one of my paintings for $500. In addition there will be a broadside available in two sizes featuring text from the book and one of the illustrations!

I’m excited. I’ve needed something focused and expansive to work on this for some time, and I’m grateful to have such a fun project!